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Maternal and Newborn Health

Maternal and Newborn Health

We want to see improved outcomes through fathers engaging in maternal and newborn health. 
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Children and Young People

Young People

We want to see young people reach their full potential, that are safe from harm and have their voices heard.
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Parenting and Relationships

Parenting and Relationships

We want to see strong relationships, marriages and empowered parents.
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Inspired Life

My Inspired Life

Delivering award-winning structured programmes and experiential resources that build emotional health, well-being and resilience.

We work with children and young people to achieve their true potential through putting them at the centre of their learning for life.

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Child and Family Blog

The latest research on family relationships, dynamics and parenting by the top researchers from universities around the world.

A collaboration between Cambridge University, Princeton University - Future of Children, the Jacobs Foundation and The Family Initiative.

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Voices in the Middle

1 in 3 children will see their parents split up before they reach their 16th birthday.

We are creating the UK's first and only dedicated place to go for children and young people in the middle of divorce & separation.

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Family Research

Some of the latest articles from our Child and Family BlogEngaged Fathers: Healthy Families and Fatherhood.Global research projects.


The Art of Coparenting

Coparenting refers to how parents work together when they are raising a child. Do they agree on parenting strategies? Do they support each others’ efforts in raising the child? Do they trust each others’ parenting? Read Research Article
Brain Responses of Mothers and Fathers

The Brain Responses Of Mothers And Fathers Are Not So Different

The neurobiology of fatherhood in humans seems to be similar to the neurobiology of motherhood, involving two brain systems – a “motivational” system that refers to the drive to nurture offspring, and an “empathy” system that refers to the ability to understand the thoughts and feelings of others. Read Research Article
Solo Parenting Fatherhood

"Home Alone" Parental Leave Transforms Fatherhood

Typically, when dad takes just a couple of weeks off around the birth, the division of tasks in the home continues to follow a more traditional, gendered model that has proved highly frustrating for working mothers who usually remain the primary caregivers, mediating father-child relationships. Government should offer use-it-or-lose it parental leave to fathers, so laying the foundations for a second gender revolution, whereby men take up caring roles more in the home. Read Research Article