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Articles on family relationships and healthy family dynamics, parent child relationships and parenting by the top researchers from universities around the world.


Children and families are best served when policies and practice are based on the best available evidence.

We share the new knowledge that researchers create worldwide with all those who can influence the quality of care for children, in particular people who make policy and professionals who care for families and children.


Child and Family Blog


Research Areas

Cognitive Development and Education

What affects children’s cognitive development? We look at cognitive development stages in infants, in early childhood, among children and in adolescence. What affects their performance and achievement in education and development?

Mothers, Fathers and Family Dynamics

How do the roles in family dynamics and relationships between mothers, fathers, children and other family members affect parenting and child wellbeing?

Social Emotional Learning

What affects the social, emotional and behavioural learning and development of children, from toddlers to adolescents? What does social and emotional learning theory and research tell us about children’s mental health?


Research Team

A collaboration between Cambridge University, Princeton University Future of Children program, the Jacobs Foundation and The Family Initiative.

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