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for men and fathers at every stage of their journey.


Fathers with access to support have better physical and mental health, are more committed to their employer, conduct better relationships at work, are better motivated and are less often absent from work.


High work / family conflict among men has a negative impact on occupational wellbeing and is found more commonly among better-educated fathers; happy employees take 10 times less sick days than unhappy employees.


Overall, supporting fathers will increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of your company


Webinars deliver topic based presentations (tailored to your priorities) with interactive polling, video sharing and real-time conversation with your employees. Our webinars encourage discussion, keeping attendees thinking, asking questions and commenting.

Workshops take this a step further with the ability to run in-house activities and exercises enabling participants to relfect on their personal situation, assess their progress and priortisie areas for planning and change.


We work with you to produce engaging material, tailored to your particular companies’ strategies, policies and HR challenges for men and fathers.

Some ideas and examples of content areas are:

  Modern Fatherhood  Reality & myths of fatherhood. working, caring and sharing.

  Men & Wellbeing  Stress, productivity, work-life balance and time-management.

  Couple Relationships  Co-parenting, conflict and communication.

  Children  Child development, attachment and the impact of fathers.

  Practical Parenting  Child behaviour, parenting styles, children & technology and childcare options.

  Gender & Diversity  Gender roles, family and couple expectations and culture.

  New and Expecting Fathers  Paternity and parental leave, planning, bonding and attachment.


We are able to work with your human resources practitioners to understand crunch points, legal issues and what others are doing to support fathers in the workplace.


This includes best workplace practices and policies for working fathers, improved engagement and career advancement strategies.

  • How can we improve the engagement of our working fathers as employees and as parents?

  • How can we, as a company, encourage a better home life, improved job performance and career growth for our working fathers

  • What information and knowledge do our working fathers require?


We are a UK registered charity (Charity No. 1170660) and company limited by guarantee (Company No. 10445272).

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